William Hill casino online is a leading position in the world of gambling and has established itself as a thriving and constantly evolving institution. In 2009, it moved to the new Playtech gaming platform, thereby improving not only the software, but also the range of applications. And now the club also boasts the availability of applications for VIP customers. From now on, guests can immerse themselves in an atmosphere of luxury and wealth at an extra-class table, enjoying a game with a live dealer.

Discover the game with a live casino dealer William Hill

Favorite game of millions of users, which, mistakenly, consider the most simple – roulette, continues to conquer, its not immediately tangible strategy. It helps players to develop not only intuitive abilities, but also sober thinking, endurance and analytical skills. Roulette with a live dealer from William Hill Casino as much as possible conveys the atmosphere of a real game, thanks to the accompanying video series in HD-quality, which throughout the whole time broadcasts the image of the game room with the dealer, causing unforgettable emotions and adrenaline rush in the blood.

Blackjack is often called a boring game, but thanks to an improved version with live broadcast, entertainment has changed beyond recognition. The game against a real opponent causes an incredible sense of excitement and courage. The bottom line is to collect a combination of cards, which in total will be 21. The difficulty is to assemble the combination more than the dealer, but not more than the combination that is stated by the rules. A magical amount of 21 points or “blackjack” can be formed with the help of an ace, which, optionally, is estimated as 1 or 11, and a dozen or a card with a picture – which add 10 points. Once you are sure that your combination of cards will beat the dealer’s hand in size or forms a “blackjack” that beats any combination, you can open the cards. In the event that your opponent is a real dealer and the sound of mixing the deck echoes with the beating of your heart – you do not need to think about the reality of the game, it is!

Also in the range of games with the live dealer of the William Hill casino is baccarat, which was previously considered a game of aristocrats. Its essence lies in the fact that using 2-3 cards to collect a combination with a total of 9 or as close to it as possible. The cards are dealt alternately to the player and the dealer. Cards from 2 to 9 are read at face value, dozens and figures bring zeros, and the ace equals one. If in the aggregate the sum is 10 or more, a dozen is taken away from it, and the rest is taken into account. In the live version of baccarat, you have open access to the VIP lounge, and an additional $ 50 will be an encouragement to the game.

The more you play games with the live casino dealer William Hill, the closer you get to becoming a member of a special VIP club.

Benefits of membership in the club

You will be provided with a personal manager who will accompany you through the expanses of virtual spaces.
Access to the casino’s special salon, accessible only to the selected “Salle Privee”, will be opened.
Additional actions and bonuses, including the possibility of a refund.

Round-the-clock support of the information department, which at any time will provide you with all the necessary information and in every way contribute to the solution of the problem.

If you want to be in the ranks of players who have the opportunity to enjoy the highest level of entertainment with the accompanying broadcast of the video stream, and your dream is to feel the magic of Vegas and watch live for all the game processes, as if you are in a real casino – it’s time to take advantage of unique games with real dealers from the William Hill casino.

Make your leisure more colorful and exciting, break away from the world of everyday routine and fill your life with unforgettable impressions, inspired by the spirit of excitement and risk, together with William Hill Casino.

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